The top four methods for men to wear sneakers in the spring of 2022

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Conversely, while sneakers for women have become increasingly popular in recent years, men’s sneakers have been hugely popular since the 1990s, when prominent athletes began endorsing models like the Air Jordan or the Stan Smith. The demand for sneakers has recently grown even more, leading the top sports brands to revisit the best-selling styles and develop new ones, as well as luxury labels to opt to produce their own footwear.

Conversely, in contrast to the past, sneakers are currently the ideal footwear for all activities, not only athletics. Even if it is a shoe made for leisure, it is not said that the sneaker is particularly elegant. In fact, they can improve your personal style if you put them together in the right ways.

Enjoy these four combinations of men’s sneakers from StyleSearch!

Sporty with style: sneakers with tracksuit

Although it may seem like an apparent look, I believe that a well-coordinated sports men’s look is both appealing and cozy. All you need are some loose joggers, preferably in a coordinating color, and a hooded sweatshirt or crewneck (no zip is better).

Given the simplicity of the outfit, I suggest being creative with the sneakers’ color; they should stand out. Look at how crazy with color Nukunu is! However, you can also choose to wear the tracksuit with timeless white shoes for a low-key yet still fashionable appearance. In this scenario, I advise you to accessorize the appearance by layering a bomber or denim jacket over the tracksuit, as Tim did.

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For a casual-chic look: sneakers with jeans

Choose jeans and pair them with shoes for a laid-back everyday appearance; the two items just go together. In order to complete your look, I suggest going with more neutral hues for the shoes, like white or black sneakers, and pairing them with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a leather or fabric jacket. The beautiful thing about this look is that you can combine sporty clothes with chicer ones and yet look fashionable.

Cristoph donned a crewneck sweatshirt in contrast to Julien, who wore all denim and white sneakers.

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The modern office look: sneakers and suits

As for women, sneakers are now so used that it’s normal to combine them with office looks. Sneakers for men are now the new elegant shoes, a passepartout for all occasions, from the most formal to the most casual.

You can choose the color you want, although now that it’s spring I recommend lighter colors such as beige, green, brown or grey. As for the shoes, I would say that the ones that go best with a suit are tennis white sneakers. If you have an event, you can use a white dress shirt with a ​​softer shape and without a tie, like Isaac. For a sportier look, you can put a t-shirt under the blazer instead of a dress shirt, like Chris did.

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For underground looks: sneakers with cargos and chinos

I had to share my two favorite styles of men’s pants with you when it comes to casual outfits and shoes for men: chinos and cargos! Depending on the fabric, they are great for any season, but the lighter ones are ideal for spring and are now in high demand from every brand.

What distinguishes cargo pants from chinos? The first ones are essentially a style of long pants with side pockets that resemble traditional long pants in appearance but fit more loosely and comfortably. The colors of the cargos and the chinos are essentially the same: beige, brown, and military green. The chinos are better fitted and occasionally even more exquisite than the cargos.

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Extra-tip: men’s high top sneakers for a 90s look

High top shoes have long been popular among the 90s generation (remember the iconic Converse All Stars? ), but today even the very young are drawn to them. High top sneakers have reemerged as a major fashion trend in the previous two years, particularly for males. They initially rose to prominence in the 1990s courtesy to basketball greats like Michael Jordan. The demand for them has increased to the point where Nike has restarted production and every other company has created its own high top model.

So, guys, if you don’t already own a pair of high top shoes, go out and purchase one since they will make you look both retro and on-trend.

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