How can you locate the top bomber jackets for men?

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bomber jacket It belongs in the wardrobe of every man with even a modicum of style. We’ll explain how to choose the bomber jacket that best suits your style in this blog.

What is a bomber jacket?

Traditionally, a bomber is a short (waist) garment with a ribbed waistline and cuffs. It features a front zip and frequently four useful pockets on the top and sides.

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The bomber jackets family

Did you know that there are several distinct sorts of bomber jackets? These include the bomber jacket, pilot jacket, baseball jacket, and blouson jacket, among others. This site explains how to choose the best men’s bomber jacket and is devoted to the subcategory bomber jacket.

Why is it called a bomber jacket?

Identify your favorite masterpieces! So let’s explore the reasons for the bomber jacket’s lengthy history. Since these coats were worn during the war, the name of the garment is presumably inspired by historical details. Pilots in the US Air Force and Navy were the original target audience for bomber jackets. They typically had an orange color on the interior and were black or olive green on the outside. The pilot could wear the bomber jacket inside out to be more noticeable if he were to make an emergency water landing. That is why the bomber jacket is so stylish;-)

What kind of material is the bomber jacket made of?

Various materials are used to make jackets; polyester is the most common option for 2020. The bomber jackets can also be constructed of cotton, nylon, or satin in addition to polyester.

Men’s bomber jacket for autumn and winter

The bomber jacket is inspired by the flight jacket. The difference between these two jackets is that the bomber jacket is lighter in weight and less big, which makes it the star of autumn! For the winter the flight jacket is more suitable because of the warmer materials like fur, leather and sheepskin. On the two pictures below you can clearly see the difference between the flight jacket and the bomber jacket.

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What to consider before buying a gentleman’s bomber jacket?


If you are looking for a bomber jacket for autumn, this classic is perfect. This bomber jacket is made for slightly better weather conditions, because it is usually made of lighter fabrics such as nylon, polyester, satin or cotton.


The bomber jackets often appear on the streets in olive green and black, but are you a man who wants to stand out? Then colourful bomber jackets like orange and blue might be a good choice for you.


It is important that the bomber jacket fits well. It is not difficult, but there are a few things you should pay attention to. First of all, the bomber jacket has to fit well at the shoulders. This is easy to see by checking whether the seam falls exactly where your shoulder ends and your arm begins. Secondly, go for a good fit, although oversized can be cool, it is advisable to go for a bomber jacket that fits well with your chest. You can check this by squeezing the side of the jacket, with 3-5 cm of fabric you are sitting well. Also make sure that the bomber jacket fits your waist well. Because the bomber jacket is a little more cropped than other jackets, it falls perfectly when it comes flat around the top of your trousers. Also pay attention to the length of your sleeves, as long as the end of the sleeve falls exactly at your wrist, you know you are sitting well!

The men’s bomber jacket fits any style

Street style

The most common look for the bomber jacket is to combine it with a nice pair of jeans. Trendsetter Kanye West is a pro in combining bomber jackets, he proves this by even wearing it with white boots.

alt text

Relax casual

Personally my favourite quarantine outfit, but with a cool twist. Wear the bomber jacket with jogging trousers and trainers for a comfy outfit.

alt text

Business casual

The bomber jacket is perfect if you want to go for a business look with an edge. It is a nice substitute for the blazer. By combining the bomber jacket with a chino and shirt you will soon get a business casual look with an edge.

alt text

Which trousers do the men’s bomber jackets match?


For a casual look, the jeans are perfect. You can never miss out on a good pair of jeans. Combine your bomber jacket with a loose fit and cool light coloured trainers.

alt text


Colourful bomber jackets combine well with chinos. A combination that you may not immediately think of, but it is a nice discovery for the confident man who moves with the times in terms of style. The striking orange bomber jacket is best combined with earth tones. This way you create the ultimate autumn look!

alt text

Jogging trousers

Are you on your way to an appointment to chill or do some quick shopping, but do you want to look cool too? The bomber jacket brings the solution! Combine a black bomber jacket with black jogging trousers and give it a twist by adding white trainers.

alt text

Which shoes do the men’s bomber jackets match with?

White trainers

Shoes can make or break your outfit.It is remarkable that the bomber jackets are often combined with white shoes. When your outfit is completely dark, the white trainers give the outfit a completely different look.

alt text

White boots

If you’re not a big fan of trainers, you can always go for white boots. Perfect for autumn and winter! Want to go for a more daring look? Then consider combining the bomber jacket with leather trousers.

alt text

Veterinary boots

We often see the lace-up boot combined with trousers and bomber jackets by stylish men who are aware that style is an extension of who you are.

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